Child Care Eligibility List

What is the Child Care Eligibility List?

The Changing Tides Family Services Child Care Eligibility List (CEL) is a list of eligible families needing child care assistance in Humboldt County. If you are working, enrolled in school, or in a training program, and your family's gross monthly income meets eligibility requirements, you may qualify for child care assistance.

By placing your name on this eligibility list you may be considered for enrollment in programs operated by Changing Tides Family Services. These programs include: Alternative Payment, Stage 2, and the Family Child Care Home Education Network programs. 

Please note: Not all programs enroll at the same time. Be aware that individual child care providers do not participate on all programs. Changing Tides Family Services staff can tell you which child care providers are available once you are offered an enrollment appointment. At times, no enrollment appointments are available and the wait can be weeks to months.

Apply by Phone! Call us at (707) 444-8293 or 1-800-795-3554.

Apply In-Person! Make an appointment to come by our office at 2379 Myrtle Avenue, Eureka 

Apply Online! If you wish to apply online, please choose one of the following:

-CEL-English  - *select English from the drop-down menu that says "Language"       *On a smartphone or tablet, drop down menu is at the top of the page, opposite the word CEL

-CEL-Spanish - *seleccione español en el menú desplegable que dice "Language"   *En un teléfono inteligente o tableta, el menú desplegable está en la parte superior de la página, frente a la palabra CEL

Apply by Mail! If you wish to fill out a CEL application and mail it in, please choose one of the following:

-CEL-English           -CEL-Spanish