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The Role of Changing Tides Family Services During An Emergency

Our agency’s services are considered essential, and we remain open and continue to provide services to families and individuals for child care, mental health, and disabilities support services.


The Role of Changing Tides Family Services as the Local Child Care Resource & Referral and Subsidized (AP) Care Agency for Child Care


What is our role as the local Resource & Referral agency?

Resource and Referral agencies, like Changing Tides Family Services, are located in every county of the state and provide free services to parents, child care providers, and the community related to information and referrals for accessing child care; improving the quality of care through training and professional development for child care providers; providing technical assistance to anyone pursuing licensing to operate a child care center or family child care home; maintaining a comprehensive database of child care providers in the community; providing consumer and community education about child care issues and supply; and operating as part of community services and information during an emergency. Note: All child care providers are independent contractors who own their own businesses and/or are operated by tribes, universities, school districts or private non-profits. This is why coordination is key.


What is our role as the local R&R in an emergency?

Our role is to maintain updated, timely information about child care providers, including location, contact information, emergency needs (if appropriate depending on the circumstance, for example during a day time earthquake when children need to be located quickly); to quickly inventory available child care options and to assist families in accessing care, including priority placement for essential workers as defined by state and local orders. We also provide support to the local Office of Emergency Services and lead the process in identifying potential options for temporary, emergency care for essential personnel, including connecting workers with established, licensed and license-exempt child care providers, and/or technical assistance in supporting identified locations with meeting minimum health and safety requirements as established by Community Care Licensing (CCL) and contacting local CCL representatives to begin the process of approval for care. And in conjunction with other organizations and OES, we also work to access supplies and resources for providers so they can continue to operate. Note: only Community Care Licensing can review and approve (or request modifications) of a site.


What is our role as the Subsidized (AP) Care Agency in an emergency?

Our role is to continue supporting and paying providers who serve families who receive subsidies so that care providers can continue to operate and recover after an emergency. Our role is also to process any payments for emergency temporary child care available to for essential workers and ensure that providers and essential worker parents are seamlessly able to access care and providers receive payment and support quickly. Our role is also to quickly and efficiently enroll essential workers in emergency temporary child care as defined by state order.


Changing Tides Family Services increases the health and success of children, youth, families, and individuals





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Changing Tides Family Services is funded through public and private sources. A not-for-profit corporation established in 1975, Changing Tides Family Services is the largest non-profit provider of child care and social services to families in Humboldt County.

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-California Childcare Resource and Referral Network (CCRRN)

-California Alternative Payment Program Association (CAPPA)

-California Child Development Administrators Association (CCDAA)

-National Association of Resource and Referral Agencies (NACCRA)


Changing Tides Family Services is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board provides broad planning and direction for Changing Tides Family Services. The corporation is managed by a professional management staff.

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