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What is a Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS)?

A Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) rates early care and education programs using consistent criteria and provides ongoing support to help programs improve their quality.  It can also help families easily identify high-quality early care and education for their children.  Nearly every state in the nation is engaged in improving the quality of early care and education programs through statewide QRIS.  In California, the QRIS consists of a five-tiered rating system.  A higher rating earns sites a higher tier. 


How does a QRIS help young children?

Research shows that children learn best in stimulating environments with well-trained and well-educated teachers and caregivers.  Because the early years are the most important time in a child’s development, the higher the quality of early care and education children receive, the more children benefit.  A QRIS program creates a collaborative system to continually improve the overall quality of early care and education.


Which sites can participate?

Humboldt’s QRIS funding initially targets California State Preschool Programs. Ultimately we hope all early learning programs will participate in the QRIS, raising the level of quality countywide while giving families more information when choosing a provider. For the 2016-17 pilot year we had 5 programs participate and for 2017-18, we look forward to having more join us. Our goal is to have programs from every area of our county, representing our diverse communities and needs, including geographic, cultural and demographic considerations.


How are sites rated?

An external Rater evaluates sites according to the QRIS Matrix used by all QRIS counties in California.  The rated elements include:

- Child Observation

- Developmental and Health Screenings

- Qualifications for Lead Teachers and Directors

- Effective Teacher-Child Interactions (CLASS Assessments)

- Ratio and Group Size

- Program Environment (using Environmental Rating Systems Assessments)



How does my site apply?

-Quailty Counts Humboldt QRIS Overview

-Quailty Counts Humboldt QRIS Self Assessment

-Quailty Counts Humboldt QRIS Application


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Interested in seeing how Quality Counts is happening around the state? Click here to visit the Quality Counts California QRIS Consortium.


The QRIS Consortium is a partnership between




Changing Tides Family Services, 0 to 8 Mental Health Collaborative, Humboldt County Office of EducationNorth Coast Children’s ServicesFirst 5 Humboldtthe Local Child Care Planning Council. College of the Redwoods, and Humboldt State University.