Emergency Child Care Foster Bridge Program

The Emergency Child Care Foster Bridge Program (Foster Bridge) was created to help prvoide support to for Resource (Foster) Parents, child care providers, and care givers in meeting the needs of foster children and youth in our communty. From immediate child care needs to ongoing support and training, this program is here to asisst you.


Emergency Child Care Foster Bridge Program (PDF)


The Foster Bridge Program Provides:

Emergency Child Care Vouchers

- Eligible resource families receive an emergency child care voucher to assist with child care costs for foster children birth through age 12, and for youth with exceptional needs up to age 21

A Child Care Navigator

The Navigator can help families with:

- Assistance with finding a child care provider

- Help in developing a long term child care plan

- Information about subsidized programs that help pay for child care

- Help in completing the application for child care programs

- Coordination of referrals to other services as needed

Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) Training and Coaching for Early Childhood Educators and Child Care Providers

Child care providers participating in the Bridge Program receive TIC training and coaching to assist them in applying training curriculum and learn strategies for working with children who have experienced trauma.

- Understanding Trauma in Young Children - Exploring the effect that trauma can have on development

- Creating Trauma Responsive Environments - Exploring strategies to support children's development

- Trauma Informed Self-Care - Exploring activities and methods that help reduce stress and promote self-care

Child Care Foster Bridge Handbook


Child Care Foster Bridge Fact Sheet 


To learn more about the Child Care Foster Bridge program, or to check on eligibility, ask your CWS Social Worker or contact the Child Care Navigator at Changing Tides Family Services