Quality Counts Humboldt (QRIS)

Quality Counts Humboldt (QRIS)

What is Quality?

Quality early learning and care means learning environments, relationships, interactions, and activities support all children’s growth and development to prepare them for success in school and life.

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Why Does Quality Matter?

Research shows that children learn best in stimulating environments with well-trained and well-educated teachers and caregivers.  Because the early years are the most important time in a child’s development, the higher the quality of early care and education children receive, the more children benefit. 

Quality Counts California — Raising the Quality of Early Learning and Care

Quality Counts California is a statewide system of locally-implemented quality rating and improvement systems (QRIS) that help connect parents and families to high-quality early learning and care programs. Quality Counts Humboldt is a collaborative system working to make sure infants, toddlers, and preschool-age children have quality early learning experiences in our local community. Quality Counts Humboldt also provides resources and support to early learning and care providers so they can create nourishing and effective programs that will help children to grow and thrive.


 Quality Counts Humboldt to Providers of Early Learning & Care to Children and Families


Which Sites Can Participate?

Humboldt’s QRIS funding initially focused on California State Preschool Programs (CSPP), but currently includes CSPP Programs and any participating General Child Care and Development (CCTR) programs, including Family Child Care Homes and programs serving infants and toddlers, who are in good standing with Community Care Licensing. Our goal is to have programs from every area of our county, representing our diverse communities and needs, including geographic, cultural and demographic considerations. Ultimately we hope all early learning programs will choose to participate in the QRIS process, raising the level of quality countywide while giving families more information when choosing a provider.

How Are Participating Sites Rated?

Participation in Quality Counts Humboldt is voluntary. All programs and providers rated by Quality Counts Humboldt have demonstrated a commitment to quality and compliance with California’s Child Care Licensing (CCL) requirements and are rated according to criteria established by the California Department of Education in the QRIS Matrix. The ratings are a measurement of quality that is based on a program’s combined score in each of the areas outlined below.

QRIS Matrix 

QRIS Matrix of Rated Elements


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Interested in Participating in Quality Counts Humboldt?

You can find more information about the program and the application process through these links.

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If you have any questions about participating in Quality Counts Humboldt, please contact Star Fishel-Mohatt, QRIS Program Coordinator, at 707-445-7385 or email her at SMohatt@co.humboldt.ca.us.


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Northcoast Children’s Services    Changing Tides Family Services   Humboldt County Office of Education 0 to 8 Mental Health Collaborative California Preschool Instruction Network  Local Child Care Planning Council. College of the Redwoods   First 5 Humboldt Humboldt State Universit